ZF6 Adapters

We offer Cummins swap adapters for the Ford ZF6 transmissions used from 1999 to 2008 . These come in two types , the 7.3 bell-housing in 99-02 trucks, and the 6.0/6.4 version from 03+. The 7.3 model will require a crankshaft spacer but the 6.0/6.4 one does not .

As far as flywheel for stock up to 350hp builds you can use a LUK LFW300 flywheel modified for the correct input shaft bearing.

They both use the 1.375 input shaft So there are a lot of clutch options .
 LUK 07168  clutch part number being for fairly  stock engines 
 LUK 07181 is a   Cerametallic  upgrade clutch   for  engines that are turned up 250-350hp  or heavy towing .     

ANYTHING  over  350+  hp    recommend just buying a clutch and  flywheel conversion package from  SOUTHBEND 

Pricing is $600 shipped for 6.0/6.4 Zf6 , and $500 shipped for 7.3 Zf6

We offer both these Adapters to fit 03+ Cummins CR (common rail) engines also . They are currently special order and are $750 each .

CR adapters  for the  7.3 or  6.0 transmissions.