ZF5 Adapters

We offer adapter plates for the Ford ZF5 5 speed transmissions found in 1987-1998 Ford pickups. All out adapters use the 6.0/6.4 PSD starter prices include Free shipping .

The 7.3 version fits transmissions from the 6.9 IDI , 7.3 IDI and 7.3 Power-stroke. We also have a version for the 460 Gas bell-housing.

We do not make any for the small block Ford or v10 modular transmissions

There are several flywheel choices for these transmissions but we recommend a NFW7223 with a 6303 bearing for the input shaft .But the “stock” Dodge 12″ first or 2nd gen flywheels will work as well . The dodge 13″ flywheel such as a LFW300 can be used but will require a starter spacer .. Any flywheel will need bored out for this bearing and most Auto machine shops will do this fairly cheap . This 6303 Bearing is included with all ZF5 adapters. There are also a lot of clutch options , But we recommend you use a Ford 12″ or 13″ with the NFW7223 flywheel. 13″ will last longer towing heavy .

Some Clutch parts numbers are (13″ LUK 07-154  (organic ) ,, for 250+ Hp we have had good luck with a LUK 07-171  Cerametallic, or If you have a 12″ dodge flywheel you need a 12″ clutch like a LUK 07-092 is a good model for fairly “stock” engines .

Our adapters Use the 6.0/6.4 Ford PSD starter as it fits well with larger downpipes and is cheap and commonly stocked at any parts store. This does require a small modification to the engine block and the starter. For mounting the adapter to engine we recommend buying flange head M12-1.75 x 40 MM grade 10.9 bolts .

Some Modifications are needed to use this Adapter, Check out this page