ZF5 Adapters

We offer adapters for the Ford ZF5 transmissions found in 1987+ ford pickups . ALL our ZF5 adapters are $600 shipped .

The 7.3 version is most commonly used where 6.9 , 7.3IDI and 7.3 Power-stroke all share the same bell-housing . We also have a version for the 460 Gas bellhousing. We do not make any for the small block or v10 transmissions as they do not have room for the Cummins flywheel and larger clutch .

460 zf5 adapter
460 Zf5 version
Diesel  zf5 adapter
Diesel Zf5 version

There are several flywheel choices for these transmissions but we recommend a NFW7223 with a 6303 bearing for the input shaft . Any flywheel will need bored out for this bearing and most Auto machine shops will do this fairly cheap . This Bearing is included with all adapters that can use it. There are also a lot of clutch options , You can use a Ford 12″ or 13″ with the NFW7223 flywheel. Bigger will last longer towing heavy .

Some Clutch parts numbers are (13″ LUK 07-154  (organic ) , higher Hp we have had good luck with a LUK 07-171  Cerametallic, or for a 12″ LUK 07-092 is a good “stock” clutch .

These adapters Use the 6.0 Ford powerstroke starter as it is small and quite powerful along with being cheap . But this does require a small modification to the engine block and the starter as shown .

modified block
About 1/4″ needs removed from the lower passenger side of the block for the starter to clear , this takes only a few minutes with a saw or grinder and will not weaken the block.