FORD ZF Transmission Identification Guide

This the is Ford Moduar pattern (zf5 shown ) it can vary slightly between the autos and manual . Key features are internal fork with external slave and starter bolts right to bell-housing with 3 bolts of the same size . This same pattern can be found on most 1999+ transmissions for the 5.4 , v10 6.0(auto) 6.4(auto) and same as the newer 5.0 coyote and 7.3(gas godzilla ) We do not currently have an adapter for this manual.
This is the Ford ZF5 7.3 pattern . It can be found on 7.3 IDI or 7.3 PSD trucks from 1987 to 1997. Dowel Holes are 3/8 and all 6 bolt holes fit 1/2″ bolts .
This the is Ford 7.3 pattern ZF6 , It came in 1999 to 02 F250-550 trucks . It has the bottom of housing complete (not open like a zf5 ) and the input shaft has larger 1.375 splines . We have Cummins adapters for these here .
This this the Ford 6.0 / 6.4 ZF6 . It came in 2003-2010 and has many upgrades from the 7.3 version such as 8 bell-housing bolts as well a higher torque rating . We offer Cummins adapters for this model here .
This is the SBF “small block ford” pattern ZF5 .. these came Behind the 302, 300-6 and 351W in 87-97 trucks . Easy to recognize by internal clutch slave .. they are not ideal for Cummins swaps due to limited clutch size and smaller input shaft but there was some “Bread van” adapters that do work with these and they work well with a lower hp 4BT