NP273F Manual shift conversion kit

We are now offering a Manual shift conversion kit for the Ford NP271 transfer cases found in 1999-2010ish F250 F350 F450 and F550 trucks and excursions .. these are chain driven electric shift transfer case Np273F.

We also now have a dodge 273D and 243D shifter available

This kit is bolt-on and can be done with transfer case still in the rig . This gives you a manual shift 2wd , 4wd and 4×4 low .. the case does not have a neutral gear .

To Install this kit , The servo unit needs removed and a small area of the case marked in this picture with black marker needs filed / ground off so the lever can shift all the back to 2wd .

After that is done shift the case all the way back (clockwise) and install the lever. it should look like this. If not flip the lever over.

Now bolt on the cover , Do not use RTV, but it is OK to use blue locktite on the 3 bolts .

This is setup on a zf5-42 with a FORD 7C3Z-7210-J shifter assy … it can be used with other ones as well depending on what floor shifter you want … the stud was cut off and drilled for a 5/16 hiem joint . In this setup the distance between hiems is ( 7 7/16″ ) and it may not be the same in your application … you also MUST make sure its adjusted so the shift gate lines up and may need modified OR removed the gated bracket completely .

This is setup on a ZF6-750 with the shifter in the front hole , shown without the gated bracket . The distance between the hiems will be roughly ( 12 16/16″ )

The lower lever assy in the photos 7C3Z-7210-J can be used with upper lever 7C3Z-7210-B or M and may be better for trucks with the lower auto floor ..

The lower lever assy F81Z-7210-A or 4C3Z7210BA can be used with upper lever F81Z-7210-AB

F81Z-7277-BC is a shift boot for 99-07 trucks

We are the Original designer and manufacturer of this kit .. there are multiple knockoffs on EBAY and other places selling a copy of our OLD first model kit .. Plate is thinner .. non stainless bolts ect