DIY ZF5 Cummins adapters

We have had some people ask and so for a limited time (until sold out ) we are offering a DIY kit for the 7.3 adapters. This is cheaper than any other adapters out there .. as well as being thicker than other adapters to help with clearance for a bigger clutch than stock .

Tools needed will be .. Angle grinder with 4″ 60grit flap wheel , Paint , Drill press or mill , welder

Tools and parts needed for 7.3 version .. 3/8 Dowel pin 1″ long 2x , hex bolts grade 5 1/2-13 1.5″ long 2x as well as 3″ long 4x , 5/16-18 bolts 1.75″ long 2x . Allen bolt M12x1.75X45mm . 3/8 drill bit , 27/64 Drill bit 1/2″-13 TAP , “F” Drill bit and 5/16-18 tap. As well as a Countersink.

The Kit will include these 3 parts .. main plate with undersized holes in the correct spots (cummins side holes and starter hole are finished) The 2 spacer plates will need to be welded to the main plate on the trans side (side up in picture ) and trans holes will need drilled from the back side and tapped .

This is what comes in the DIY kit. 7.3 version shown.
The rough waterjet cut parts will need de-burred with a 4″ flap wheel .
Clean up all sides as well as the top and bottom faces and edges , as well as the spacers .
All Holes need drilled started from the clean side to be accurate .
7.3 Diesel Adapter pattern hole layout , drill holes first .. tapping is done later ..
Drill all holes to the correct sizes then de-burr them
Good practice to lightly paint the sides that get welded together to prevent rusting between them .
Make sure to clamp and weld spacers onto the correct side (trans side) and weld in several spots on the inside as well as outside.
Afterwards wire wheel and flap wheel to clean up all rough edges .
The holes will again be finish drilled all the way through and Countersink both sides to help with tapping and make it easier to install bolts when when installing the transmission . Holes can then be tapped to the correct sizes and dowel pins installed sticking out about 3/8″ .
Lastly is paint . All installation info can be found on the page for Zf5 adapters .