Cummins P/S guide

This page is intended to prove help with plumbing when doing a cummins swap .. it will be added to and updated as I acquire info ..

Most *dodge* Cummins engines come with a saginaw power steering pump . The high pressure fitting is usually M16 1.5 bump tube o-ring fitting, I like to Adapt to -6 AN / JIC .. or a good fitting would be a STEEL Keyser Manufacturing 100 4343

or a aluminum Russell AN Fitting 648060……..

The Ford power steering box is usually a 1/2-20 bump tube o-ring fitting

I have been trying to find a steel fitting but so far only have found an aluminum Russell Performance 648010

The ford Hydroboost brake booster has 3 connections , low pressure return is just a barb fitting with hose clamp … One fitting is 18 1.5MM bump tube o-ring steel to -6 is( Keyser Manufacturing 100 4344) the other is a 16mm 1.5 bump tube o-ring . The other fitting is the same 16mm 1.5 as the dodge p/s pump .

The AN-6 or 3/8 JIC hoses can then be made to length with straight / 45/ 90deg fitting as any hydraulic shop or ordered from

Return low pressure from pump or from hydroboost should return to the pump and they can be T’d if the pump only has one return fitting , rubber hose and hose-clamps is fine .

Ford a swap in a 1980-97 Ford truck you should only need the one hose from the pump to steering box .. for a 99+ Ford truck you should only need one new hose from the pump to hydroboost ,Here are some pics of a setup on a 1999 F250 .