Wild Horse MFG

Orders usually take up to 5-10 days to ship after ordering. If it shows item on backorder it may take longer.

ZF5 adapters are not currently being produced. We may make more in Dec/Jan if time allows.

Thanks to FJB steel is 2-3x the cost of what it was in 2021 so there may be another price increase coming in Dec/Jan .

If you have any questions or problems ordering feel free to email wildhorsemfg@yahoo.com

We are the only company to offer CNC water-jet cut STEEL Cummins adapter plates that are made in USA . These are MUCH stronger than anything else on the market and unlike 6061 aluminum these are not prone to having threads strip out. All adapters prices include FREE shipping to Lower 48 states USA.

Page Updated NOV 2022 .